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Our guests from Ukraine

Over 3 million people have now fled from Ukraine many of whom may now need rehousing and some of whom may be rehoused in our communities in Cornwall. We are committed as a community group to doing all we can to help those who end up in our communities care. 

Scroll down for Useful links, ESOL classes and welcome packs for host families. 

Useful links
  • - more infomation for those wishing to sign up to house a refugee.

  • - the Cornwall council website is also very help

We will keep this list regularly updated as we hear from other community organisations. If you are from a community group and would like us to add you to the list please get in touch. 

TESOL/ TEFL lessons

One of our key goals as a group is to organise ESOL lessons for those who are rehoused in our communities. We belive these will become a vital lifeline and bridge to everyday life for those made homeless by the war in Ukraine. 

We are on the lookout for volunteers to help us to run ESOL classes for any Ukrainian refugees that may be rehoused in the Truro and Roseland areas. It is early days and we are unsure how many people may resettle here but it will take us some time to get the groups together in case they are needed. 

We will be having a meeting for all those who want to help out on the THURSDAY 7th of APRIL 2022 in St Mawes millenium rooms at 5pm. 

We would love to hear from those who speak Ukrainian/ Russian as you would be invaluable to integrating those who come to stay with us in a wider sense. Please note volunteers/ coordinators may need to be DBS checked. 

If you are interested in volunteering you can email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also give us a bell on 07949 815 201. Please dont be disheartened if you dont get through staight away. You can also use St Mawes bakeries cotact form here and someone in their office will forward your enquiry onto us. 

Support for host famillies

We are also running a welcome pack initiative. This will involve host families recieving a welcome pack for thier guests. We are currently on the lookout for both host families to register with us so we can gauge numbers and people to donate towards these welcome packs. 

Each welcome pack will contain a guide to our are in both Enlgish, Ukrainian and Russian. This is currently being translated but will be made available for free on this page as soon as possible. 

Items to support host famillies 

If you would like to donate you can currently donate new clothes, toiletries (we are particularly desperate for toothpaste and toothbrushes) to either St Mawes bakery shop:

7 Old Bridge street, Truro, TR1 2AQ (Open 10-2, Weds - Sat) 

The Quay, St Mawes, TR2 5DG (Open 9 - 3, Mon - Sat). 

*please include your name and contact number in with any donations just in case any items need to be returned to you* 

**please note any surplus donations will be given to local homeless charities** 

We hope to update this page as demand and the scheme evolves.

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